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Musaada has the widest range of used cars for sale in UAE. As a premium classified in UAE, the vehicles posted on our site are of high quality and in good condition. Users and Dealers can sell luxury, saloon,coupe or convertible cars.

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Buying a car from a dealer?

Purchasing your vehicle from a dealer is the safest way of owning one. Dealers are obliged to ensure that the vehicle is in an excellent condition, safe and meets all of the RTA requirements in-order to pass the car registration test.

What are the most sold cars in U.A.E?

Toyota and Nissan have sold more cars than any other manufactures. This is due to their high reliability and low maintenance. In addition, they hold a high resale value. Selling a Toyota and Nissan can be accomplished in a day as there is a huge demand for these two manufacturers. But this is not stop you from searching for other manufacturers.

Top Car Makes in U.A.E

Buying a your first used car?

As a marketplace of used cars, we recommend first time buyers to purchase their first vehicle from a dealer. This is because you will get the maximum protection.

There are many dealers across UAE and finding one should not be a difficult task. But first decide on your budget and if you are planning to take a loan it is best to speak with your bank advisor on the amount you can borrow.

If you are not comfortable to purchase your vehicle from a dealer, you could also buy from a manufacturer. Pre-owned vehicles sold by manufacturers are a bit more expensive but they provide extra services which is hard to find from a dealer.

Lastly, purchase your car from a private seller. If you are worried about the vehicles condition, you could take it to a nearby garage and ask for a complete vehicle test.